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Nebula Conference Panel: Virtual Reality and SFF Story-Sharing: The Meeting of Imagination and High-Tech Online

Speakers: Angela Smith, Katrina Archer, Anna Kashina, Erich Werner Virtual reality is set to explode onto the gaming scene as is the conventional media industry in general. Writing science fiction often entails a vivid mental vision of characters engaged in a moving, very real, all-enveloping environment. So, how will this meeting of the imagination and […]

Nebula Conference Panel: Trauma and Time Travel

Speakers: Joshua Bellin, Curtis Chen, Katrina Archer, R.S.A. Garcia, Samantha Mills In an era of mass shootings, violence by law enforcement, rising rates of suicide among young people, and other crises, issues of trauma and PTSD loom large. Time travel, a mainstay of speculative fiction for more than a century, can offer insight into and […]

ChiCon8 Panel: Rising Oceans, Blurring Genres

Chicon 8

More and more "Cli-Fi" novels are being published as mainstream fiction instead of science fiction, while "solarpunk" and related movements seem to be solidifying new directions within the genre. If SFF doesn't engage with climate change somehow, does that make it feel less plausible? More escapist? Let's talk about how the reality of global warming […]

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