Creative Ink Festival

Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC

Join me at the Creative Ink Festival, March 29-31, at the Delta Burnaby Hotel, where I'll be hanging out and talking about editing, among other things.

Worldcon 77 in Dublin

I'll be at Worldcon 77 in Dublin from Aug 15-19, where I've got a panel on video game remakes and remasters, and a Kaffeeklatsch.

Panel — Video game nostalgia: remakes and remasters

In recent years, there have been many video game remakes and remasters – Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil II, Tomb Raider – and many much anticipated future titles like Final Fantasy VII, but how do some go so right, and some so far wrong? Fergal Mac Carthaigh (M), Ms Cassie Parkes (Riot Games), Katrina Archer (Little […]


Level 3 Foyer (KK/LB) (CCD) Come chat with me about whatever you like: editing, writing, climate change, cats, sailing, living in a creepy, critter-filled house under renovation, you name it. Or just come for the chocolate.

Panel: Can Living in a Small Space on Earth Prepare You for Living in Space?

CoNZealand Wellington

*** PANEL TIME IS IN NZST (UTC+12) *** Could you live in a self-contained space that must supply food, water, and protection from a hostile environment for days and weeks at a time?  Some people have done this on sea, others on land.  Can these experiences help us survive in space or on another planet?  […]

Panel: Climate Fiction/Climate Fact

CoNZealand Wellington

*** PANEL TIME IS IN NZST (UTC+12) *** What's the relationship between fiction about climate change and real-world actions? Does where authors live and work affect their perspective, as they write about climate? Dr. Octavia Cade (moderator), Katrina Archer, Arkady Martine, Tim Jones, Alex Acks

Panel: How to Work with Editors

CoNZealand Wellington

*** PANEL TIME IS IN NZST (UTC+12) *** There are all kinds of editors: those that edit novels, short fiction, journalism, and so forth. We can't forget acquisitions editors, developmental editors, or the copy editors, of course. How does each kind of editor work with writers? How should you, the writer, best work with them? […]


CoNZealand Wellington

*** Kaffeeklatsch time is in NZST (UTC+12) *** Come chat with me about writing, editing, climate fiction, or the fact that most of us can't be in New Zealand right now. Or just come for the grins. Usually I bribe people with chocolate but that doesn't work on Zoom :-)

ChiCon8 Panel: Rising Oceans, Blurring Genres

Chicon 8

More and more "Cli-Fi" novels are being published as mainstream fiction instead of science fiction, while "solarpunk" and related movements seem to be solidifying new directions within the genre. If SFF doesn't engage with climate change somehow, does that make it feel less plausible? More escapist? Let's talk about how the reality of global warming […]

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