Prime Writing

Welcome to the KatTales Prime Writing feature, in which a first-time author discusses their debut novel or book.

Prime Writing is currently actively soliciting participants.

I've seen first-hand how hard it is for a first-time author to break into the industry. This is my attempt to pay forward all the help various writers have given me, balance the karmic scales and be a good writing citizen.

If you're interested in participating in Prime Writing, please see the Features FAQ.

prime [prahym] adjective, noun, verb-adjective

  1. first in order of time, existence, or development; earliest
  2. of the first importance; demanding the fullest consideration: a prime requisite
  3. of the greatest relevance or significance: a prime example
  4. of the greatest commercial value: prime real estate
  5. first-rate: this book is prime!
  6. Mathematics, (of any two or more numbers) having no common divisor except unity (what, you expected this geek not to include that one? :-)


  1. the most flourishing stage or state
  2. the choicest or best part of anything
  3. the beginning or earliest stage of any period


  1. to prepare or make ready for a particular purpose or operation
  2. to put fuel into before starting an engine
  3. to supply or equip with information, words, etc., for use
Prime Writing — Abby Goldsmith

Today in Prime Writing, Abby Goldsmith joins us with an interesting take on what happens when social media and performative society gets taken to the extreme. • • • “Join […]

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Prime Writing — Elle E. Ire

Today in Prime Writing, Elle E. Ire is here to tell us about one of the more difficult tasks an author faces—making unlikeable characters likeable—and how she brought the lessons […]

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Prime Writing — Bliss Bennet

One of the most often-asked questions of a writer is "where do you get your ideas?" Sometimes, it's from a life experience. Sometimes, something as simple as an image can […]

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Prime Writing — Shari Green

I first met Shari Green at Surrey International Writer's Conference, and am really pleased to finally be hosting her here at Prime Writing. Below, Shari discusses the long road to […]

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Where's Kat?

There's been an obvious dearth of posting around here, and I figure I should address why. Back in November, I had a change in my work situation. It's left me […]

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Prime Writing - Chang Terhune

Chang Terhune has one of the more different takes on writing a novel, in particular, tackling the story out of order. This one's for all those people out there whose […]

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Prime Writing: Marko Kloos

Marko Kloos's debut military SF novel, Terms of Enlistment, demonstrates how one author parlayed deadline panic into a wildly successful publishing endeavour. I couldn't be happier to be featuring Marko […]

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Prime Writing: Heather McDougal

Worried your NaNoWriMo novel won't amount to much? Heather McDougal illustrates how she turned an insightful idea about robotics into a novel, and worked on making it better until Songs […]

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Prime Writing - Julia Dvorin

Some stories come about in ways you might not expect, and take a long time to mature to fruition. Julia Dvorin discusses the unusual trigger that started her down the […]

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Prime Writing: Eric Griffith

I first met Eric Griffith at WorldCon in 2009, when he and a gaggle of alumni from a workshop I'd been to took me—fledgling Con attendee that I was—under their […]

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