January 2006

February 6, 2006

The post-Christmas reading blitz has begun. Some of the books below I selected, others were selected for me as presents and stocking-stuffers. My husband, in particular, chose over a dozen books for me at random from the bargain table at Chapters so over the next couple of months, you may see books listed that aren't reflective of my usual personal reading tastes.

Eldest, by Christopher Paolini

Rating: YMMV

The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

Rating: Recommended

Everyone Worth Knowing, by Lauren Weisberger

Rating: YMMV

The Torment of Others, by Val McDermid

Rating: YMMV

Man and Wife, by Andrew Klavan

Rating: YMMV

[amtap book:isbn=0375840400]
[amtap book:isbn=0316346624]
[amtap book:isbn=0743262336]
[amtap book:isbn=0312936095]
[amtap book:isbn=0765341379]

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