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April 8, 2008

Robert J. Sawyer claims that the best way to get an agent's attention is by writing short stories to get publication credits. He may be right, but what if I just don't feel I have any short stories in me?

Between managing one paying job, two households, family and pets, it's tricky enough keeping the novels I write on track, especially now that I've got a complete one in the shop-it-around phase, and another draft that needs substantial love and attention.

I admire people who can be so prolific with their writing. But I'm not going to panic at not having short story credits to put forward. A couple of other published authors have given me the opposite advice: focus on what you're good at and don't worry about building a portfolio.

Then again, he's won every major SF award, and I'm still schlepping to the post office with my query letters. Maybe the joke's on me. :-)

2 comments on “Pub Credits”

  1. The odd thing is that I've read exactly the opposite advice: if you plan on making a career out of writing fiction, novels is the way to go. Once you've established yourself there, you'll find a market for your short stories.

    Sawyer's advice might be applicable for just speculative fiction, where the short fiction arena is still thriving.

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