The Random Factor

June 5, 2008

SlushPile has a recent post on how luck influences one's fate in publishing. I've been reflecting on this type of thing for a while, not just as it relates to my writing, but my career and most of the good things (ok, and bad) that have happened to me. And here's my conclusion (chaos theorists rejoice!):

It's so true!

Half of the battle, is of course, hard work. But the other half is a combination of who you know, timing and plain old luck.

I met my husband because my best friend tickled me at an opportune time. I got two of the best jobs I've ever had because I knew the right people at the right time (although I worked hard to impress them).

And I'm positive that getting my first manuscript published is going to come down to some pain and torture in front of this laptop, but also finding the right person among all the needles in the haystack of life who connects with the story at the right moment.

And I'll admit: that's frustrating. Because I hate not having that control. Even though it's always been an illusion that I ever had any at all. I guess the trick is in doing as much as you can with the things you can control and being patient about the rest. As tormenting as that can be for a control freak like me :-)

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