Viable Paradise - The First Transport Is Away!

June 12, 2008

Well. I've either done something very smart, or very scary. Or maybe of no consequence at all if I'm not admitted. :-)

I just sent off my application for Viable Paradise. Fingers crossed. Not sure I got my word count down enough. Oh, well.

That's all my brain was fit for today, given yesterday's midnight arrival home from work - locating someplace that would give me a USD money order. Apparently the Canadian post office no longer does this. One of my banks wanted $7.50 as a service charge. The other one wasn't much better: $6.50. On a $25 money order! It really makes me appreciate online payment when I run into something like this. I never face stiff surcharges like that when ordering with my credit card from U.S. websites.

2 comments on “Viable Paradise - The First Transport Is Away!”

  1. Good luck!

    I am a hopeful attendee (wait-listed last year), so maybe I will see you there! It won't be long now! Hang in there! :-)

    aka Mrs. Bobcat
    aka Sparta
    aka Lady Strongjewel

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