Reach For The Stars!

June 17, 2008

So, I've always wanted to be an astronaut.

And now it turns out I meet the CSA's minimum guidelines.

So I applied. The odds of getting in are not very good, but - don't ask, don't get. And now I can say - hey, at least I tried. Because it's a shame to let a dream wither on the vine simply because you were afraid of being told "no".

Which is also what I tell myself each time I get a publishing rejection.

4 comments on “Reach For The Stars!”

  1. "The position will require frequent travel and relocation."

    Okay, I admit it - I haven't had a lot of sleep, and I'm slap-happy, but that made me giggle for like 10 minutes!

    Good luck to you! :-)

  2. Good luck to Gord! I didn't see an age restriction but I think they'll get me on fitness. Gotta hit the gym!

    PJ, it is kinda funny. Although, when you think about it in a strictly vertical sense, going straight up to orbit is only a few kilometers. Less far than traveling to Europe. Although I don't believe the ISS is geostationary, so that's where you'd log the miles. :-)

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