Monospaced Fonts

July 14, 2008

I don't understand the insistence on monospaced fonts in some corners of the publishing world.

I can sometimes understand the request for plain text. But if a submission is requested in .doc or .rtf format, what's wrong with Times New Roman?

My biggest beef with an insistence on the various flavours of Courier stems from how much longer it makes a document. In electronic format, it doesn't matter much. But for a recently printed submission of mine, the same document printed out to 38 pages in 12-point Times New Roman, and 49 pages in 12-point Courier New. That:

  1. Is environmentally unfriendly because it uses more paper
  2. Costs me more to mail out

I can certainly understand not wanting to receive submissions in wacky fonts that aren't very legible. But a perfectly usable serif font like Times New Roman can't be that horrible, can it?

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