August 25, 2008

Sorry for the AWOL-ity. I have been a bit stressed and glum, dealing with the fallout from this. However, I am still employed, so I have less to be stressed and glum about than others, for which I am grateful. I'm apparently not going to be an astronaut, either. Didn't make the top 2000 applicants. Oh, well. I'm a bit more philosophical about that one :-). Now I've just got to figure out how to stockpile two hundred grand for Richard Branson's little cruise.

But Story 2 doesn't seem to suck, so if I can just get the writing gears ramped up again, I should be able to dig myself out of the hole that is my second draft. Lots of nifty ideas lurking around, I just need to lure them into some semblance of order. Viable Paradise should help with that - it will be perfect timing. And speaking of perfect timing, so is my vacation, in which I am enjoying the Pender Island version of the 3 Rs: reading, writing and renovating.

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