Gingerbread Heaven

September 21, 2008

Wow. Here are some pics from the Vineyard.

Oak Bluffs With a View

Pretty Planters

Gingerbread Cutie

Even the weathervanes are fancy

I think this is the house that suckered in Hansel and Gretel

These are people's sheds!

They take their parking seriously here. Although if the bullet hole in the sign is any indication, so did the owner of the car in question.

New frontiers in sculpture - peat dogs

And here's the token boat picture. Because I just gotta.

2 comments on “Gingerbread Heaven”

  1. Having a blast! We just went out to see the phosphorescent jellyfish, and watch the stars. Prior to which I ruined my voice in my first and likely only stint as Stephano in The Tempest, during "Beer with Billy". I'm told it sounded like Elmo had a few too many. :-)

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