Bad Planning

October 10, 2008

What kind of political party releases its platform 1 week prior to the election?

See, I'm the kind of person political parties hate. I don't have an affiliation. They can't count on me. I've voted for three different federal parties since I came of age. But I'm also an opportunity for a party trying to pick up votes. I read the platforms. I vote based on which platform I feel most closely matches my concerns and interests at election time.

And this is yet another reason why the Conservatives don't have my vote this time around. They didn't release their platform until this past Tuesday. And I voted four days prior to that. I knew I wouldn't be in my riding on election day so I availed myself of the advance voting stations. No platform = no vote from me. Not that Stephen Harper would have gotten my vote anyway. But he sure didn't help his cause by being coy.

And just so this doesn't look like a completely biased anti-Conservative post: one of the three parties I voted for in the distant past was the Progressive Conservative party. I have also been known to vote Liberal and Green.

But you need a platform I can evaluate, people!

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