Full Circle

February 23, 2009

My husband's first boat was a C&C 30 called Second Quarter. He bought it from a couple who commissioned it as a 25th anniversary gift for themselves. He decided at the time to keep the name because football was a big part of his life, so Second Quarter still fit.

He sold it when we bought our first boat together, as (in my opinion) it was too small for two people to live in, especially when one of those people is me. The new owner renamed it after his grandchildren. We lost track of the boat after that, even though we knew it was still hanging around Vancouver.

Several years later we moved into our current marina and discovered the boat berthed here. Recently, it was put up for sale again, and sold the other day. Guy ran into the new owners on the dock and offered to discuss the boat's history with them.

When he told them the story behind the boat's original name, their eyes went a bit buggy. Turns out they'd bought it as a 25th anniversary present for themselves.

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