A Quick Update on Untalented

April 16, 2009

First, a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who downloaded my excerpt and tried to leave a review (whether you succeeded or not - it wasn't easy for some). Untalented did not make the semi-finals, but I appreciated your support during the quarterfinal round.

Second, a big congratulations to the people who did make the semifinals. There are lots of talented writers in that group, and you should check out their excerpts.

I promised my Twitter/Facebook feed a post-mortem, but we're hauling the boat out of the water tomorrow for that lovely rite of spring called bottom-scraping, and I'll be relying only on my phone for Internet access. So unless I finish getting the boat prepped for motion early, the post-mortem may only arrive next week, because I want to make sure I've collected my thoughts properly.

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