Not Just Vapourware

May 15, 2011

Gardom Pond

For the sceptics. Look, a book!

What am I going to do with all this paper (almost a complete brick of printer paper)? At least once a novel, I like to print out the whole thing - it gives a different perspective on the work. In this instance, I'm going to do something I call The Shuffle Edit (an exercise I learned from Donald Maass). As of writing this post, all the pages shown are now mixed in semi-random order. Over the next little while, I'll be marking up each page - the lack of story context caused by the shuffle makes it easier to trim the fat, look at pages as entities that must hold the reader on their own, and get ruthless with boring sentences.

And then, once I'm done, it's out into the wide world for this story, and the fireplace starter pile or recycling bin for the printout.

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