July 2011

August 29, 2011

Since it's nearly September, maybe I should get my July Reading Log out, eh?

July was all about the Hugos, with the lion's share of the works read coming from the Hugo voter packet. I snuck in an older classic as well. While none of my top vote getters actually won a Hugo, I can't say I'm disappointed with the winners, as most of them wound up being my second choice picks. I felt the Best Novel category had some particularly strong contenders this year, several of which I could not put down, and in all cases I had to think hard about my voting choices.

Many, many thanks to the people who put together the Hugo voting packet, especially for including all the ePubs, which let me read the works as painlessly as possible on my mobile device. I believe Kate Kligman is the person I should be thanking directly.

All Clear, by Connie Willis

The Hugo nominated novellas

The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath the Queen's Window, by Rachel Swirsky

The Lifecycle of Software Objects, by Ted Chiang

The Maiden Flight of McCauley's Bellerophon, by Elizabeth Hand

The Sultan of the Clouds, by Geoffrey A. Landis

Troika, by Alastair Reynolds

The Hugo nominated novellettes

Eight Miles, by Sean McMullen

Plus or Minus, by James Patrick Kelly

That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made, by Eric James Stone

The Emperor of Mars, by Allen M. Steele

The Jaguar House, In Shadow, by Aliette de Bodard

The Hugo nominated short stories

Amaryllis, by Carrie Vaughn

For Want of a Nail, by Mary Robinette Kowal

Ponies, by Kij Johnson

The Things, by Peter Watts

A Canticle For Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

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