A Somewhat Diffident Eligibility Post

January 16, 2015

Gardom Pond

This feels weird, in the way that blatant self-promotion always feels weird to me, but here goes*.

Untalented came out August 1, 2014.

Since I am Canadian, it is eligible for the Aurora Awards in the YA Novel category.

While we're getting too big for our britches, might as well go really big or go home. In the U.S., I believe it is eligible for the Andre Norton Award, and the Hugos in the Novel category (although now I'm reeeeaallly stretching).

If you are a CSFFA, Nebula, or Hugo voter and would like a digital copy of Untalented in either Epub or Mobi format to have a look at for nomination or voting purposes, please contact me in the comments and I would be more than happy to make delivery arrangements with you.

*actually, that shortlisting earlier this year COMPLETELY WENT TO MY HEAD and now I have an inflated sense of self-importance ;-)

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