So Long, Douche Ram

March 23, 2015

For the last many months (perhaps even a year or more), there's been an individual, I presume male, who parks his Dodge Ram pickup truck outside a construction site that sits along my route to work. He seems very proud of his truck, to the point where he's got bumper stickers extolling its "virtues". He's also got another sticker on it, which shows a woman bent over and "presenting", and which makes a misogynistic pun involving the words "Dodge", "Father", "Ram" and "Daughter".

Every morning as I cycle past, there's been no avoiding these words. Oh, sure, I could take another route to work, but that route would not be along the bike paths, and thus would entail assuming slightly more risk due to less favourable intersection management and more traffic, which, as a cyclist in Vancouver, I try to avoid. So every morning, I would start my day just a little bit grumpy. Because even if I look away, I know the sticker is there, I know what it says, and it's Just. So. Gross.

It seems the building construction has finally moved past the phase that needed this person's services, and I haven't seen the truck in a while. My days are once again beginning without douchery. It's really nice.

In a minor coincidence, my husband and I recently upgraded our own truck to what we're affectionately calling a British Bush Tractor.

So I'll just leave this video here as my final statement.

(Direct link to YouTube in case the embedded version doesn't load)

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