Mission Remission

December 17, 2015

(yes, this is a cat update)

Diesel had his 4-week post-operative checkup yesterday, and so far the doctor is very impressed.

One of the more serious complications Diesel suffered was the return of his diabetes, probably due to the stress of the operation and the steroids they had to give him to keep brain and tumour swelling down. He'd become a diabetic in 2009 because we didn't know that dry food is to cats what a pure sugar diet would be to a person. Prompt discovery, treatment and a full diet change to low-carb high-protein wet food got him into remission in under three months, at the time.

But this time, Diesel was older, so while we were hopeful, I wasn't sure how many times a cat's pancreas are actually rebootable (a nice feature which I'm sure plenty of human diabetics would love). Especially given that one of the tools available to us at the time (diet change) was already deployed. All signs over the last few weeks were pretty positive, but you never know.

Well, apparently my cat has highly rebootable pancreas, because he's once again in full diabetic remission and no longer insulin dependent.

This means that aside from his antiseizure meds, which he needs to be on until he's six months seizure free, Diesel is completely off medication.

He gave me his first "crazy kitty wants to play tag" look yesterday. He's still not allowed to exert himself too strenuously, so I didn't bite, but it's encouraging to know that he's raring to go once he gets out of supervised kitty recuperation.

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