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A Bubble in the Gastronomic Space-Time Continuum

When you move away from a city, you stop being able to keep up with its restaurant scene. But after we left Montréal for Vancouver in the early nineties, on […]

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Creative Ink Festival Wrap-up

Creative Ink Fest is fading into the past, but my memories of it aren't. This was my most packed conference as a pro writer. I did four panels (including my […]

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The Big Idea — The Tree of Souls

What are the Big Ideas behind The Tree of Souls? Find out today at John Scalzi's Whatever blog. Many thanks to John for helping me jet set around the internet […]

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My Favourite Bit

Today I'm over on Mary Robinette Kowal's blog talking about what was my favourite bit of The Tree of Souls. Head on over there to find out. I'm sending a […]

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Stop Mocking Tiny Homes

This is a tiny rant. Recently, I've seen a lot of mocking of tiny homes, across my Twitter feed and the blogs I read (BTW, you can play Chuck's drinking game […]

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The Tree of Souls: Launch Day!

It's that most exciting and nerve-wracking day for an author: launch day! The Tree of Souls is now available online at your favourite bookstore, in trade paperback, and ebook formats. […]

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A Special Thank You

The Tree of Souls launches on May 1 (4 days!), and as part of the launch festivities I want to thank my newsletter subscribers. I'll be giving away a free […]

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The Spirit Lives On

By the time I found out Spirit of the West would be performing their final concerts, it was too late to get tickets. I'm sad that this quintessential west coast band […]

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Newsy Tidbits

There's lots of stuff going on leading up to The Tree of Souls launch, so here'a s quick round-up: I'm running 3 (yes THREE!) LibraryThing giveaways, one each for the […]

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My Murdered Darling — “The Crazy Flirty Lady” by Curtis C. Chen

I've roadtripped with Curtis Chen, so can vouch for the fact that he knows all about the tensions of long voyages in small confined spaces with questionable travel companions. Here […]

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