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Season's Giving

Since it's the season of giving, just in case you are looking for somewhere to park your charity dollars, I have a couple of suggestions. The UNHCR is doing critical […]

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Question For The Writers Out There

When you finally see a high res version of the cover of your new book, do you sit there and just stare at it for hours? Like, literally hours? Mesmerized? […]

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Mission Remission

(yes, this is a cat update) Diesel had his 4-week post-operative checkup yesterday, and so far the doctor is very impressed. One of the more serious complications Diesel suffered was […]

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Poster Kitty For Modern Veterinary Medicine

THIS is a feline brain surgery survivor, who is now tumour free. When we got Diesel's diagnosis, we thought "That's it. We only have a few more weeks left with […]

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You say you want to know. You think knowing will ease things somehow. Help prepare you. You believe knowing will somehow insulate you. Provide a buffer between you and the […]

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SIWC Author Signing

Hey! So this week is Surrey International Writers' Conference, one of the best writers' conferences in North America. I'll be there on Saturday evening signing books, along with author friends […]

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Prime Writing — Bliss Bennet

One of the most often-asked questions of a writer is "where do you get your ideas?" Sometimes, it's from a life experience. Sometimes, something as simple as an image can […]

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Kind Words: A UNHCR Fundraiser

There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind. — Kurt Vonnegut The world has become distinctly unkind for a large number of […]

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Paradise Lost 2015 (AKA PL5)

I spent last weekend chumming around with old friends and making new ones at the Paradise Lost Writers Workshop in San Antonio, Texas. It was a weekend both invigorating and […]

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Traipsing Off To Texas

I'm winging my way to San Antonio today for the annual Paradise Lost Writers Workshop, where I shall marinate and steep myself in other writers and their work, and hopefully […]

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