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In the 15 seconds of fame department...

My company and I get a bit of exposure… [2012/06: This post was formerly found at Kat's now archived blog at]

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May 2006

Four Spirits, by Sena Jeter Naslund Follows the lives of several residents of Birmingham, Alabama during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Rating: YMMV A Small and Remarkable Life, […]

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April 2006

Well, here's a rarity. I didn't finish any books this month. Unless you count the guide to Occupational First Aid Level II. Been just a titch busy. :-)

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I just finished the major research phase for the story, and the most surprising thing about it was that I didn't completely hate it. I don't read much non-fiction, but […]

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Booming Ground

Sometime in fall of 2005, as I realized the end of my first draft was approaching, I faced a dilemma: how was I to obtain feedback for the novel? I […]

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In January I started revision. It's three-pronged: personal plan for attacking overall and line-by-line revisions revision based on feedback from the UBC Booming Ground mentorship revision based on research I'll […]

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March 2006

March was a very slow month, reading for pleasure-wise: only one book read. I did read 20 reference books I pulled from the library for research, but I won't list […]

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Writer's Union Seminar - Writing As a Professsion: How to Get Published and Survive as an Author

On February 28th, I attended a seminar the Canadian Writer's Union was putting on at the Vancouver Public Library. I have to say this was one of the better $40 […]

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February 2006

Ugh. I've been down for the count with the plague. Not the plague, of course. Just the uber-virus making the rounds in Vancouver at the moment. I only managed to […]

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Second Draft

I haven't posted recently regarding how the book is going, because I've been busy actually keeping it going. After taking time off over the holidays to regroup and read up […]

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