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Guest Blogging at Fiction University — Format Your Book With Scrivener

Hey there! Today I've got a guest post up a Janice Hardy's Fiction University, all about formatting your book for publication using Scrivener. So if you've found Scrivener too daunting […]

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The Big Idea — The Tree of Souls

What are the Big Ideas behind The Tree of Souls? Find out today at John Scalzi's Whatever blog. Many thanks to John for helping me jet set around the internet […]

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My Favourite Bit

Today I'm over on Mary Robinette Kowal's blog talking about what was my favourite bit of The Tree of Souls. Head on over there to find out. I'm sending a […]

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What Kind of Fantasy Heroine Do You Like?

I've got a guest post up today on the Heroines of Fantasy blog, run by a fine posse of Hadley Rille press authors, several of whom also happen to be […]

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Console Game Architectures

If video game console multi-threading architectures are your thing, I've got an article up on Intel's Software Network site that might interest you: Practical Game Architecture for Multi-core Systems This […]

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