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Just What, EXACTLY, Will It Take?

This June Western Canada demolished all its heat records. Lytton, BC, recorded the hottest temperature ever north of 50° latitude. The town burned down in a wildfire the next day. […]

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On Names

One of the things I do when I meet someone for the first time and perhaps have only met them online or read their full name until this point, is […]

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The Decommissioning of Gardom Pond Dam

This is a letter I just sent to my municipal officials, with various provincial and federal ministers and entities CC'd. When you start tinkering with my groundwater, especially in an […]

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Cycling Follow-up

It's been a bit of a crazy month; I've had visiting guests and a major writing deadline to hit, so had no chance to follow up on my cycling post, […]

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Vancouver Cyclists: We Have A Problem

[Update June 15: I've been told by someone who spoke to the victim that the cyclist in this incident intentionally inflicted the injury. The victim told the cyclist to dismount from […]

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Stop Mocking Tiny Homes

This is a tiny rant. Recently, I've seen a lot of mocking of tiny homes, across my Twitter feed and the blogs I read (BTW, you can play Chuck's drinking game […]

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The Thing That Scares Me

(I've been mulling this since the New Year and have finally decided to get off my duff and post it. You may have noticed me being "louder" in my social […]

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Pay The Writer

So apparently author Stacey Jay started up a Kickstarter, and a horde of critics descended upon her for having the temerity to include line items in her costs about "paying […]

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Judgy Judgmentalism, With A Dash of Sexism

Over on Facebook, I happened upon a conversation regarding this guy, who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, sought a woman of the same name to use the round-the-world air […]

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Je Me Souviens — Remembering The 14

I was in my second year of an Electrical Engineering bachelors degree at McGill University in Montréal in 1989. Twenty-five years ago today, at École Polytechnique, just a few kilometres […]

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