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Guest Blogging at Fiction University — Format Your Book With Scrivener

Hey there! Today I've got a guest post up a Janice Hardy's Fiction University, all about formatting your book for publication using Scrivener. So if you've found Scrivener too daunting […]

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Breaking In - An Interview

Over at his blog, the inimitable Stephen Geigen-Miller interviews me on the topic of breaking in as a writer. Stephen is a Toronto-based writer of comics. Go check it out!

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The Strange Dichotomy of Canadian English

Over the last couple of months I've been copy editing one of my novels, and have run into the strange dichotomy that is Canadian English. I've been using the Oxford […]

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The Slightly Less Hellish EULA

So a few weeks ago Apple released the iBooks Author tool to much fanfare, and then much backlash over their onerous license agreement, which basically stated that if you created […]

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Reader Request: To Self-Publish or Not

Fellow writer Jodi recently expressed interest in my thoughts on self-publishing, and suggested a blog post. I figure one doesn't snub one's first reader request, so here goes. I'm not […]

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Dude, That Van Gogh's A Piece of Garbage Because I Don't Feel Like Paying For It

As both a reader and a writer, I've been trying to figure out where I stand on the whole eBook pricing issue. Authors and publishers are taking a lot of […]

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The Worth of Writing

There's a lot of discussion going round the writerly portions of the Web these days regarding the price of e-books. I am still processing the pros and cons of the […]

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Mafia Shmafia

I've read several posts over the past couple of days regarding something called the YA mafia. Most of them taking the form of debunking. Since I post the occasional book […]

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Bad Contest. No Cookie.

As a follow-up to my Assignment of Rights post, here's another example of a contest with a grabby rights clause (#13). Note: not a license. You forfeit your rights. Writer […]

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Assignment of Rights

I was given a Flip video camera for Christmas, had a little fun with it, and because I have funny pets (MY pets are of course the funniest pets ever), […]

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