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Wait, what? Kat's alive?

Yeah, I know the updates have been thin on the ground here lately. It's because I've been busy! I thought I'd come up for air and let you all know how […]

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Kat's Crazy Counter-Spectacular 2017 - Leg 1: London

A Short Travelogue and Play Review Let's get this out of the way: I lead a comfortable life. I have a good job, a roof over my head, have a […]

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A Bubble in the Gastronomic Space-Time Continuum

When you move away from a city, you stop being able to keep up with its restaurant scene. But after we left Montréal for Vancouver in the early nineties, on […]

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Stop Mocking Tiny Homes

This is a tiny rant. Recently, I've seen a lot of mocking of tiny homes, across my Twitter feed and the blogs I read (BTW, you can play Chuck's drinking game […]

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The Spirit Lives On

By the time I found out Spirit of the West would be performing their final concerts, it was too late to get tickets. I'm sad that this quintessential west coast band […]

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The two TV series I've been alternating between for my semi-binge watching are House of Cards and Call The Midwife. They couldn't be more diametrically opposed in tone. And as […]

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Out of Warranty

I heard someone recently characterize one's forties as the period of your life when you realize your body has gone completely out of warranty. I empathize with that because I […]

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Site Maintenance

I'm about to throw up the "Site is down for maintenance" page while I tend to some necessary upgrades. It shouldn't take me too long to do the coarse stuff, […]

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Season's Giving

Since it's the season of giving, just in case you are looking for somewhere to park your charity dollars, I have a couple of suggestions. The UNHCR is doing critical […]

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Question For The Writers Out There

When you finally see a high res version of the cover of your new book, do you sit there and just stare at it for hours? Like, literally hours? Mesmerized? […]

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