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Guest Blogging at Fiction University — Format Your Book With Scrivener

Hey there! Today I've got a guest post up a Janice Hardy's Fiction University, all about formatting your book for publication using Scrivener. So if you've found Scrivener too daunting […]

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Scrivener Collections

I'm a long-time Scrivener aficionado but I tend to make use of it fairly simplistically: straight outlining and writing, and some storage of notes, research and submissions in its Research […]

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Drama vs Conflict

We're often told as writers that we should try to maximize the drama, conflict and tension in our stories. Put our characters through hell, make them suffer. Stories may not […]

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Word Count Inertia

A while ago—I'm ashamed to admit how long—someone told me I needed to consider getting my daily word count up. I was in a strange phase of my project, where […]

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Dealing With Rejection

Nathan Bransford had a post today on dealing with rejection. And, with impeccable timing, I received a rejection today. So here's how I deal with it: I allow myself to […]

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If you do your writing on a Mac, and haven't already heard of Scrivener, you may want to check it out. I'd been doing my writing on MS Word, with […]

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Great Writing Advice

Some nice advice from Steven Galloway in this Globe & Mail article: Steven Galloway has achieved remarkable success by ignoring a piece of advice frequently offered to young writers: Write […]

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Bad Promotion Techniques

I'm not in promotion mode at the moment, but I thought the advice in this post by J.A. Konrath (from link by Bella Stander) very wise. My favourite quote: ...let […]

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A Canadian With a U.S. SASE

My new critique group had questions on getting the postage right on a SASE included in a query to an agent in the U.S. We seem to be mostly Canadians […]

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Being Ruthless

I just completed one of the most valuable editing exercises ever (courtesy of Donald Maass' workshop at SiWC). I printed out the book. I shuffled all the pages. I made […]

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