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Creative Ink Festival Wrap-up

Creative Ink Fest is fading into the past, but my memories of it aren't. This was my most packed conference as a pro writer. I did four panels (including my […]

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Your Daily Dose of Beauty
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August 2013

The Sea Thy Mistress, by Elizabeth Bear The Human Division, by John Scalzi An enjoyable return to the Old Man's War universe A Memory of Light, by Brandon Sanderson & […]

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Site Updatery

My custom header image code will be inactive for a bit while I update it to match a theme update. Which may be a day or two as I'm going […]

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Site Updatery

I'm playing around with themes, so apologies if the site looks odd over the next while.

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A February Moment

I am sitting outside, waiting for the boat's water tanks to fill. Though I am beneath an awning, the angle of the sun is such that a rare February sunbeam […]

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Proof That I Am Insane

I'm hosting a party in three weeks. This is the current state of the house (nervous titter). The above also offers a bit of an excuse as to why the […]

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Happy Holidays!

Because the only proper way to decorate the tree is in your pyjamas. All the best to you all. Kat

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Peter Watts

I've quite enjoyed reading Peter Watts' science fiction. It's dense, complicated, and assumes the reader is smart (which may not be the right assumption where I'm concerned, but whatever :-) […]

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You'll never look at it the same way again.

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