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Untalented Wins Honorable Mention in Library Journal's 2016 Indie Ebook Awards

Wow. This was a nice thing to wake up to. Untalented is a YA Honorable Mention in Library Journal's 2016 Indie Ebook Awards. Archer has created a vividly detailed realm […]

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A Somewhat Diffident Eligibility Post

This feels weird, in the way that blatant self-promotion always feels weird to me, but here goes*. Untalented came out August 1, 2014. Since I am Canadian, it is eligible […]

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Untalented On Sale In the U.S.

I'm running a Kindle Countdown Deal on this week for Untalented. The Kindle version is currently at $0.99. The price will go up on the 5th, I believe, to […]

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Reading at Talisman Books & Gallery

If you’re on Pender Island this weekend, I’ll be doing a reading at Talisman Books & Gallery on Saturday, November 22 at 1PM. Talisman Books are my local independent bookstore […]

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More Goodreads Goodies

It was my birthday recently, and with holiday season fast approaching, I'm feeling in the giving mood. I'm running another giveaway on Goodreads. This time, I've got two copies of […]

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A Favour To Ask, A Vote to Cast

I was very excited when Untalented was shortlisted for the Creation of Stories Awards (fingers crossed for next month!). That also makes it eligible for the People's Choice Award. It […]

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Goodreads Canadian Thanksgiving Giveaway

Even though it's been up in the sidebar for a week, I totally forgot to blog about this: It’s coming up on the time of year when Canadians get together […]

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I've splashed this all over my social feeds already, so I apologize if you're already sick of me by this point, but: Untalented has been shortlisted for The Creation of Stories: […]

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VCon Special!

To celebrate my first con as a guest, I'm offering Untalented free on Kindle all weekend long. If you can't attend the con, what could possibly be better than curling […]

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What, ANOTHER Interview?

I'm going to get an inflated head. I missed this earlier this week, but over at the Aspiring Joy blog, you can read a little more about Untalented, what I […]

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