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My Worldcon Day 3 (Sunday)

On Sunday morning I had a bit of a bet with VP alum Eric Griffith that I couldn't get up at 7 AM and haul my ass into the con […]

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My Worldcon Day 2 (Saturday)

On basically 4 hours of sleep, I launched myself at the Saturday portion of Worldcon Fencing Demonstration Because this was about the speed of what I could handle at 9 […]

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Worldcon, Day 1, Friday

Actually for most it was Day 2 of Worldcon, but my flights didn't permit me to attend the opening day, so it was Day 1 pour moi. The above is […]

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Con Crud

I planned to blog a bit more extensively about Worldcon, but that will have to wait until my brain reboots itself after my H1N1 con crud recovery. To tide you […]

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Writers Workshops at WorldCon

I just learned that Anticipation SF is putting on writers workshops at WorldCon in Montréal. Get your application in now, because the deadline is July 25. They seem to have […]

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