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Mission Remission

(yes, this is a cat update) Diesel had his 4-week post-operative checkup yesterday, and so far the doctor is very impressed. One of the more serious complications Diesel suffered was […]

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Obligate Carnivore

Fourteen months ago, my cat got the worst tenth pre-birthday present ever: a diabetes diagnosis. I'd noticed he'd been lethargic, and had stopped jumping up on the couch or the […]

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Redressing A Karmic Imbalance

Neighbours gave us this idea. It's not much, but helps redress the rather large karmic imbalance between house cats and birds. This bird is taking fur we save after de-matting […]

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Big? Naw, My Cat's Not Big

He's huge. This is what I mean when I occasionally refer to being "love mauled".

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The Face of Adoration

Your requisite Internet cat pictures for the week. Diesel's "I love you" face. Which he uses when you stop massaging his shoulder in ways that halt feline pleasuration. His eyes […]

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This Animal Is Clearly Disturbed By The Earthquake

Panicked. Just panicked, I tell you. For those needing context...

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A Tableau

I think this is their version of performance art. I give you: "Dog Chasing Cat". On second thought, it's funnier rotated. Caption contest?

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Kitty Please

I was really happy to learn that Maru, the box-loving cat, and his owner(s) made it safely through the unfolding disaster in Japan. It's no secret I have a soft […]

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Moral Support

Of course I believe in your literary genius. Now about that massage...

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PSA - Shicatsu

I know this violates all the general wisdom that most successful YouTube videos run shorter than 2 minutes, but due to the hypnotic and soothing quality of this clip, I […]

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