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I Haz No Wurdz

Anybody else want to try captioning this?

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The Apocalypse Is Nigh!

Cats & dogs getting along:

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The Finicky Eater

Our cat got put on a special diet by the vet recently, but after years of watching him wolf down kibble of almost any type, little did I know that […]

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Someone Get The Defibrillator

I don't normally do double doses of the cat, but it's the weekend, it's been sunny, and I can't get my brain in gear to write something interesting. I didn't […]

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It's A Cat's Life

I don't think Diesel's relaxed enough.

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I Love It: The Cat EULA Clicker

This was too good to pass up: a homemade device that lets your cat take care of your EULAs for you.

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Basking in the sun

Well, after a month of wacky snow storms, followed by a week of pea-soup fog, the sun has finally burned through the gloom. Here's someone enjoying the warmth.

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I can has pizza?

Tired of politics? I present you with: Pizza Cat

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Coming Up For Air

Sorry for being gone. It's amazing how much time painting, renos and car-hunting take up. Here's a picture of the cat to tide you over. My wish is your command

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