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My Sommelier

Sommelier cat appreciates the bouquet

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The Things Writers Have To Deal With

Got this one off Galleycat. Mystery writer Roger N. Morris and his writing partner. If I ever get a video camera, I'll post what Diesel does to me. He plunks […]

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A Conversation In My Household (Graphic Content Advisory)

Husband Holding Towel: "Hold still." Cat with Large Turd Hanging from Butt-hair: "Mrrr?" Husband: "I don't care." Cat with Turd on Butt: "Mee-row!" Husband: "Don't care!" Cat WTOB: "Maaa-roooor!" Husband: […]

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The Galley Cat

A terrible picture, I know, but here is Diesel, our very own galley cat. Too bad he doesn't do dishes. Come to think of it, Galley Kat would have made […]

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