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Unstill Life With Stick
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A Tableau

I think this is their version of performance art. I give you: "Dog Chasing Cat". On second thought, it's funnier rotated. Caption contest?

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A Differing Opinion

Indy says: "Cold? Snow? Bring it."

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Belly Slides

Just so no one accuses me of cat bias, here's Indy, having a bit of canine fun in one of our rare snowfalls. I'm not sure why he does this. […]

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Evening The Score

Based on the tag cloud the cat's been getting more air-time than the dog. So here, have a doggie pic. Grainy but cute.

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The Apocalypse Is Nigh!

Cats & dogs getting along:

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Dealing With Rejection

Nathan Bransford had a post today on dealing with rejection. And, with impeccable timing, I received a rejection today. So here's how I deal with it: I allow myself to […]

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He just doesn't understand

A dog with the hiccups is at one and the same time a funny and pitiable sight. This is one of those times I wish I had a camcorder...

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Happy Snow Day

In celebration of the fact that the weather forecasters are predicting Canada's first country-wide white Christmas in several years, I give you The View From My Deck (notable because the […]

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I'm not sure I believe in karma but this story about a woman whose dog was saved by the student she encouraged into vet school really struck me as a […]

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