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Guest Blogging at Fiction University — Format Your Book With Scrivener

Hey there! Today I've got a guest post up a Janice Hardy's Fiction University, all about formatting your book for publication using Scrivener. So if you've found Scrivener too daunting […]

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Creative Ink Festival — The Dollars and Sense of Self-Publishing

Panelists: Mark Teppo, Sabina Khan, Randy McCharles, Jo-Anne McLean, Katrina Archer Location: Ballroom B Doing it yourself is all well and good, but put 4 self-published authors in a room and […]

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VCon: Perspectives on Self-Publishing and Hybrid Publishing

As self publishing continues to grow, how can authors compete in a saturated marketplace and be heard among the "noise"? What does today's self published author need to know? What […]

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Breaking In - An Interview

Over at his blog, the inimitable Stephen Geigen-Miller interviews me on the topic of breaking in as a writer. Stephen is a Toronto-based writer of comics. Go check it out!

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The Slightly Less Hellish EULA

So a few weeks ago Apple released the iBooks Author tool to much fanfare, and then much backlash over their onerous license agreement, which basically stated that if you created […]

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Reader Request: To Self-Publish or Not

Fellow writer Jodi recently expressed interest in my thoughts on self-publishing, and suggested a blog post. I figure one doesn't snub one's first reader request, so here goes. I'm not […]

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