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Submission Systems

I recently submitted short stories to Fantasy Magazine and Clarkesworld Magazine. I have to say, their submission system is impressive (it looks like they both use the same technology). I […]

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Monospaced Fonts

I don't understand the insistence on monospaced fonts in some corners of the publishing world. I can sometimes understand the request for plain text. But if a submission is requested […]

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Viable Paradise - The First Transport Is Away!

Well. I've either done something very smart, or very scary. Or maybe of no consequence at all if I'm not admitted. :-) I just sent off my application for Viable […]

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The Random Factor

SlushPile has a recent post on how luck influences one's fate in publishing. I've been reflecting on this type of thing for a while, not just as it relates to […]

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The Full, AKA Second Base

I'm writing this post for future release, but wanted to get my thoughts down while they were fresh. I'm not posting this in real-time because I don't want to jinx […]

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