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YA vs Adult Fiction: Defining Boundaries

Join me and amazing authors Fonda Lee, Miriam Weinberg, Fred Wiehe, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, and Sarah Rees Brennan for the panel "YA vs Adult Fiction: Defining Boundaries". YA Fiction is […]

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Goodreads Giveaway

I’m giving away a copy of the U.S. trade paperback edition of Untalented on Goodreads. This will ship to the U.S. or Canada. Enter to win at Goodreads by following the link […]

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A Book! A Book!

A book! A book! A BOOK! ABOOKABOOKABOOKABOOKABOOK! (What, you expected me to be calm? And waste an opportunity for a full Kermit flail?) Untalented is out in the world. You […]

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YA, Oh, The Horror!

Apparently there's a lot of angst out there if one's book gets classified as YA. And here I am, worrying that my new one isn't YA enough!

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Age Banding

I find Philip Pullman's discussion of age banding of books in the Guardian interesting. Interesting because I work in an industry (video games) where age appropriate ratings are required on […]

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YA vs Adult SF/F

There's a big discussion going on over at Scalzi's blog about YA vs adult SF/F, with Scott Westerfeld being used as Exhibit A. I haven't followed up on the comments, […]

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More on the Cell Phone Novel

A while back, I wrote a very short post on the rise of the cellphone novel in Japan. Blogging agent Nathan Bransford had a link to a translation of a […]

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