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Recommended Reads

The kind folks at (a new Goodreads alternative for book recommendations) asked me to put together a listicle on some of my favourite reads. It's hard to pick from […]

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Just What, EXACTLY, Will It Take?

This June Western Canada demolished all its heat records. Lytton, BC, recorded the hottest temperature ever north of 50° latitude. The town burned down in a wildfire the next day. […]

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On Names

One of the things I do when I meet someone for the first time and perhaps have only met them online or read their full name until this point, is […]

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My CoNZealand Schedule

Just because I won't be in New Zealand doesn't mean I won't be at CoNZealand. Here's a look at my schedule, which is packed! The con is entirely online this […]

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My Murdered Darling — The Time Traveler's Brother by Wendy Nikel

For today's My Murdered Darling, author Wendy Nikel talks about the difficulties in shortening The Continuum from novel to novella length, and why it was so hard to cut one […]

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My Murdered Darling — “The Crazy Flirty Lady” by Curtis C. Chen

I've roadtripped with Curtis Chen, so can vouch for the fact that he knows all about the tensions of long voyages in small confined spaces with questionable travel companions. Here […]

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My Murdered Darling — Daniel M. Bensen On How Dinosaurs Can Murder Your Darlings

Today I'm kicking off a new and somewhat (artistically) violent KatTales feature: My Murdered Darling. Every author has some favourite thing that didn't make it into their final story, whether […]

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Prime Writing — Elle E. Ire

Today in Prime Writing, Elle E. Ire is here to tell us about one of the more difficult tasks an author faces—making unlikeable characters likeable—and how she brought the lessons […]

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