Prime Writing

Welcome to the KatTales Prime Writing feature, in which a first-time author discusses their debut novel or book.

Prime Writing is currently actively soliciting participants.

I've seen first-hand how hard it is for a first-time author to break into the industry. This is my attempt to pay forward all the help various writers have given me, balance the karmic scales and be a good writing citizen.

If you're interested in participating in Prime Writing, please see the Features FAQ.

prime [prahym] adjective, noun, verb-adjective

  1. first in order of time, existence, or development; earliest
  2. of the first importance; demanding the fullest consideration: a prime requisite
  3. of the greatest relevance or significance: a prime example
  4. of the greatest commercial value: prime real estate
  5. first-rate: this book is prime!
  6. Mathematics, (of any two or more numbers) having no common divisor except unity (what, you expected this geek not to include that one? :-)


  1. the most flourishing stage or state
  2. the choicest or best part of anything
  3. the beginning or earliest stage of any period


  1. to prepare or make ready for a particular purpose or operation
  2. to put fuel into before starting an engine
  3. to supply or equip with information, words, etc., for use

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