Waterfield Cozmo Bag

January 4, 2006


is my Waterfield medium Cozmo laptop bag.

The Web is peppered with reviews of Waterfield bags, but here are two things about this bag you may not know that I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere.

1) My Cozmo repels pet hair.

OK, maybe not repels. But a quick sweep of the hand gets rid of all the clinging fluff. This may seem like a minor point to many readers but to the owner of a long-haired cat and a long-haired dog it is a big deal. My one empirical test with a Crumpler bag indicated that Crumplers actively attract pet hair, as evidenced by the horrified look on the salesperson’s face when he saw how much hair transferred from my fleece to the bag when I shouldered the demo model. The Waterfield passes the pet hair test with flying colours.

And speaking of flying colours:

2) My Cozmo goes thugg at the end of the 6-foot freefall courtesy of the moron in the aisle seat who opened the overhead bin after five hours of turbulence.

Apparently, thugg is a good noise, as my stupidly expensive laptop booted just fine the next day and sustained no visible damage. My iPod too. Experienced travelers will ask why I put the bag in the overhead bin instead of under the seat, and my answer is: emergency exit.

[2012/06: This post was formerly found on Kat's now archived blog at www.ganache.ca]

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