April 2, 2006

In January I started revision. It's three-pronged:

  1. personal plan for attacking overall and line-by-line revisions
  2. revision based on feedback from the UBC Booming Ground mentorship
  3. revision based on research

I'll discuss items 2 and 3 in separate posts.

My personal revision plan involves a high level triage pass to deal with character motivation and dramatic tension in scenes. I finished the first attempt at that in mid-February. Included in that were some preliminary attempts to get rid of narrative summary and exposition, although I'm still guilty of it in a lot of places.

Next will be a pass to humanize or flesh out some of the characters who are still overly two-dimensional. Once I have finished that, and dealt with issues stemming from items 2 and 3 above, I will start my line by line edit - being merciless with adverbs, dealing with stiff dialogue (plenty of that at the moment), examining the language for best phrasing, etc.

If I'm lucky I'll be done with all that sometime this summer.

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