Bah Humbug

February 14, 2008

My sweetie's in Barcelona without me. The heater on the boat has crapped out in spectacular fashion, with coolant splashing everywhere at a rolling boil. Oh, the irony. And a spider, deciding I taste good, has covered me in welts.

Happy Valentine's Day. Really. >:-(

Alone, cold, and itchy in Vancouver.

Here's my tribute to rejection. It suits my mood, which is temporarily funky but will bounce back soon, promise:

Author Chérie,

It is not meant to be.

I just don't love you enough.

Agent LifesTough

Grin. I feel better already. :-)

3 comments on “Bah Humbug”

  1. Blech!

    Hope you at least had CHOCOLATE!

    And :-( re: this agent biz. Here's a rebuttal:

    Dear idiot Agent
    Who passed on my Pages
    Didn't show me the LOVE
    But I'll rise Above!!!!

    Won't you be Sorry
    When my little Story
    Is picked up and Sold
    For silver and Gold!!

  2. Now, now. Nobody's an idiot :-)

    But it did feel good to vent a little, didn't it?

    Ok, everybody back to making their writing better!

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