Book Burning

February 27, 2008

I'm not a fan of book burning. While I respect the man's right to do it, his stated reason just doesn't cut it with me.

I grew up in Québec. Je parle Anglais et Français. If I had the time to learn even more languages, I would. I love visiting a country and being able to speak with its people in their own language, although my smattering of Spanish, Italian and German barely gets me by in those places. I once met a Dutch person who sniffed at me for knowing only two languages: he grew up learning six, and I don't see the Dutch complaining about losing their national identity.

My mother is anglophone and my father is francophone. I am married to a francophone. I think tolerance and diversity are the keys to overcoming so many of the world's problems. I feel sorry for this person, that he feels he needs to destroy his body of work in this manner.

I feel richer for being bilingual.

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