Rubber Ducky, You're So Fine

March 28, 2008

Reading in the bath is one of my favourite things to do. And having lived on a boat for 14 years, I've got a lot of catching up to do in the bathtub at the cottage. When we were househunting, the realtor kept showing us houses with half-baths or showers only; the cottage sits on an island where water conservation is advisable. I finally put my foot down and told her I didn't want to view any more homes unless they had a full bath. We wound up with a soaker tub. And even though we still try to conserve, about once a month or so I insist on having my reading hour in the tub. Aaah. Bliss.

As opposed to the writer of the above article, my bathtub reading system is designed to get the least amount of water on the book in question. Read first. Keep a handtowel handy to dry fingers before touching pages. Put book aside and finally wash when the molten edge is gone from the hot water.

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