A Reading!

April 23, 2008

Today I gave a reading of my WIP. Two excerpts, to a small group of about 10 people at my workplace. We have a speakers group somewhat modeled on Toastmasters and even though "readings" aren't the typical speech, I joined the group so that I could practice my speaking skills specifically for giving book readings.

I just finished Naked At The Podium and decided to put some of it into practice. And then proceeded to commit one of the first sins the authors caution you against, which was to not understand the setup prior. See, they sprang a microphone and videocamera on me. The videotaping was great, because now I get to see what I did wrong, but there was no podium or mike stand, which meant I had to hold the mike and my reading materials at the same time. It made for some tricky juggling.

It went as well as could be expected. I'm looking forward to seeing the video. All my flaws in hi-def.

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