All Clear

May 1, 2008

There's been no new weirdness on the blog, no new hidden administrator accounts appearing in my database, and the system scanner I ran didn't find any spyware or keystroke loggers on my personal machine. Fingers crossed that I've seen the last of this particular hack.

It seems the hacker flu is going 'round.

But in the spirit of "things are looking up", this article made my day. Granted, it's a minor issue, but my mailer chopping links up into multiple lines has been bothering me for a long time, and I'm a determined plain text e-mailer. Call me a Luddite. I've know about TinyUrl for a long time but I find it a pain to go there and get the end result link all the time. The angle bracket trick is pretty slick.

Again, a minor thing, I know. But in a week where I got hacked, locked myself out of the boat, and narrowly avoided injuring someone else's pet due to their own idiocy, I'll take what I can get. ;-)

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