Home Sweet

September 29, 2008

I made it back from Viable Paradise, no thanks to Hurricane Kyle, and all thanks to VP staffer Kate. After my puddle jumper flight got canceled, she bundled me into her car and we took the ferry to Woods Hole, then she dropped me off at Logan. All I had to do was provide the in-drive entertainment for a 2-year-old. So if I ever hear any of you slagging the VP Staff, I shall come and find you. And give you the drubbing you deserve. Beware the wrath of Kat. VP Staff rocks!

VP itself also rocked. I met lots of great people, staff, students and instructors alike. As a Canadian, I found it fun to have a roommate who is a distant cousin to Boom-Boom Geoffrion. I was also the butt of a lot of good-natured Canadian jokes.

I learned a lot, both about writing and about myself.

I learned John Scalzi is a very hard act to follow, when we both played Stephano in The Tempest during Beer With Billy. But I acquitted myself better than I thought I would, so maybe that idea I had about taking some improv courses to better my readings isn't so far-fetched. I don't think there is any video of me to come back and haunt me later :-)

I learned I'm capable of writing over 4000 words in one day; my previous record was somewhere near 3000 words, but my usual average is near 1000. They might not have been 4000 quality words but they did form a complete story.

Now I have a ton of work to do. Revisions to contemplate. I'll let them simmer in the back of my brain for a bit while I try to find a market for the story we did as homework.

2 comments on “Home Sweet”

  1. We made it home safe, as well. *sigh* Always hard to see it be over - but now we start planning VP reunions for any SFcons nearby. Cheers!

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