October 14, 2008

I'm dismayed.

Partly because we've spent $300 million dollars in taxpayer money on an election and nothing much has changed.

Mostly because only 58% of eligible voters actually voted. According to the CBC, this puts us 81st among democratic nations for voter turnout. Stephen Harper had the nerve to say our democracy was strengthened tonight. With our lowest voter turnout EVER?


Afghanistan, in 2004, had a voter turnout of 83%. I think that is one of the highest compliments that the troops we sent there could be paid. And we, as a country, are too apathetic to make ourselves heard.

I understand election fatigue. We've had 3 elections in 4 years. But it's no excuse to throw away one's vote. If you feel disenfranchised, the worst thing you can do is not vote at all. Because then you've disenfranchised yourself. No one else did it to you.

My candidate didn't win tonight. Oh well. But I don't feel powerless. Because at least I had a voice. Other people disagreed with me, and I can respect that. But I can't respect the ones who'll complain tomorrow without even having cast a ballot.

One comment on “Dismayed”

  1. Well said. I am with you. I went out to dinner last night with 8 people. Only 3 of us voted. Ridiculous!

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