You Tell Me: Geek or No?

October 30, 2008

My husband came home with an iPhone the other night and the first app I downloaded for him from the iPhone store was Lightsaber Unleashed. This little toy uses the gyro features to make your phone emit lightsaber noises when you swing it around.

He told me I was a total geek.

I thought this was why he married me. ;-)

The first app I downloaded to my own new toy (since apparently Guy picked up his as he was getting me my birthday present) was FictionWise's eReader.

So I guess this means I am multiple kinds of geek. You tell me.

3 comments on “You Tell Me: Geek or No?”

  1. Yes, but now I can read books on my phone!
    The video camera on my old phone was useless. But a e-book reader! Now we're talking.
    And I love the irony that I'm doing it on a device made by Steve Jobs' company, who said no one reads anymore.

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