November 2008

December 2, 2008

A Thousand Words For Stranger, by Julie E. Czerneda

The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum

The Chronicles Of Amber, by Roger Zelazny

You may or may not have noticed that the first three books I read this month have something in common: they are all amnesia stories. I've been doing a bit of study (Czerneda) and refresher (Ludlum and Zelazny) reading since Story 2 also has an amnesia plot in it. And, then of course, when I re-read Nine Princes In Amber I just had to keep going with the rest of the Amber series. Which reminded me why I loved Zelazny so much in the first place. Every time you think you understand someone's motivations in that series he turns things on their head.

I've been getting some raised eyebrows when I mention there's an amnesia plot in my book. The various reactions are "don't do it", "you only get one amnesia story in your career so choose wisely", etc. But I seem to have a soft spot for that kind of story. Oh well. Czerneda's was interesting because it was a debut novel.

The Taste Of Night, by Vicki Pettersson

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